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We provide full support to any person who is troubled.

The CB brace is for anyone faced with pain and disability. Utilizing the technology and experience, we relieve pain and deliver the joy of walking and active days for a person who has up walking.

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Our Support in Taiwan

■Cheng Chuan Prosthetics & Orthotics Co., Ltd.
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■Yong Chwen Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc.
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Our Support in Korea
■Sunglim Trading co.

Our Suppliers in Japan

We have a lot of suppliers in Japan. Please contact us for more information from the contact form.

From medical/welfare to active sports.
The CB brace makes every user look forward and supports a rich life.

Our valued customers are people who are uncomfortable or lack energy as well as active people who are walking and exercising enthusiastically.

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Walk and enjoy without fatigue.

Physical condition and maintenance is important for everyone, regardless of age. We fully support effort people who want to walk or enjoy sports and not give up an active life.

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We bring our know-how obtained from medical and welfare to daily life.

Our greatest strength is the spirit of ingenuity.
We bring the technological expertise obtained from medical and welfare together with this spirit and enthusiasm to daily life.
We want to be there together with our users and find new ways to use the CB brace.

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We respond to injury or failure.
We prepare for injuries.
Active people also need the
CB brace.

Injury and failure always accompany sports.
The CB brace, which takes on a role of prevention and treatment, provides optimal support. Please experience the value beyond orthotics as recommended by athletes.

What is CB brace

With the lightest weight in the world (approx. 79 g *1 frame only) of the joint orthotics, CB braces were developed to regain the strength for independent walking without compromising the supporting properties (strength) with the patented technology (CB:Center Bridge-Center bridge structure) relieving knee pain.

A bigger multiaxial joint (joint components) makes straight sitting easy and provides an excellent feel when worn because of the smart design without cuffs (binding materials) in lower thigh. The muscle strength balance is improved from the three-point support correction, then the pain is relieved by mitigation of the load on the joints when the elbow or knee has been injured.*2

*1. Varies depending on the size. *2.The effects may vary.

Before attachment of CB brace
A state where the muscle strength balance collapses, then thighbone hits tibia to cause pain.
After attachment of CB brace
The muscle strength balance is improved by the three-point support correction, then the pain is relieved.

Center Bridge

Products information

Guide to CB brace products.

The origin of the CB brace is an orthotic developed for a hemiplegia patient. CB means Center Bridge. Taking advantage of the simple and ingenious patented technology CB (Center bridge) structure, the equipment was created for use according to the degree of symptoms or disabilities.

Osteoarthritis of a knee(OA)
Osteoarthritis of a knee(OA)
Hyperextension of a knee
Hyperextension of a knee
Ligament injury
Ligament injury

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